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August 23, 2022

Mayor Robert S. Weinroth

Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners

Contact: Lucia Bonavita, 561-355-2204, Lbonavita@pbcgov.org

Press Release

Extending Notice Requirements on Rental Lease Terminations and Increases

Palm Beach County Mayor Robert Weinroth announced today that the Board of County Commissioners has unanimously approved revisions to the county ordinance pertaining to notices provided to tenants on residential rental increases and lease terminations.

The revised ordinance will require property owners and/or landlords provide tenants with a 60 day notice for a lease termination and/or rental increase of more than five percent and is expected to be in effect by mid-September.

“Over the past year, the county has experienced a significant increase in rental rates and reports indicate more than half of renters' households in Palm Beach County have been impacted. I can assure you that the county is addressing these challenges and will continue to do so," Weinroth said.

Any municipal ordinances in Palm Beach County adopted before or after the adoption would remain in effect, and municipalities can opt out of the provisions.

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