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The Florida Sugar Cane League is a coalition of farmers and agricultural professionals doing our best to feed our communities, protect our environment, and be good neighbors in South Florida.

We are based in Palm Beach County – Florida’s largest agricultural county – and we spend a significant amount of time and resources in our local community.  In 2015 alone, our team visited with more than 100 groups and hosted 2,000 Palm Beach County residents on farm tours.  We’re committed to the League’s mission locally to build sustaining long-term relationships between agriculture and as much of Palm Beach County’s diverse population as possible.

You can find us at your local farmer’s market, at your neighborhood school installing a vegetable garden for students, or riding a bus filled with you and your friends to travel west to visit our farms.

Contact Information

Florida Sugar Cane League

Jessica Clasby


West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Phone: 561-386-6693

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